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Half a million people flock to the pastoral upstate town, equipped with little more than their cut-offs, their Marlboro Lights, and an unquenched thirst to experience their favorite legends live. Despite unsanitary conditions, a crowd quadruple what was expected, pools of mud and sweat, and the alleged use of many questionable and illegal substances, Woodstock remained a virtually violence-free, transcendental experience that cemented the summer of 1969 forever as a pivotal moment in popular music history.

Several decades and an internet age later, music festivals continue to bring in audiences from far and wide. With the most recent spike in popularity of music festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Bonnaroo, it’s never been easier to see hundreds of acts in one epic weekend. Not to mention the thousands of themed festivals popping up that cater to more than just music lovers, like Snowball in Winter Park, Colorado where ski lovers and music lovers alike flock, or the Annapolis Craft Beer and Music Festival in Maryland where beer connoisseurs and rock fans gather.

But where is the online presence of this free-spirited community of festival lovers? How do attendees of these colossal festivals find out about smaller, regional festivals (10,000+ ) that don’t receive the national media coverage of the big 10? Moreover, having to purchase different festival needs (including flights, hotels, cars, and essentials) all from different e-commerce sites is a time draining and mind numbing experience. Not to mention there’s no website that has aggregated every US Music Festival that’s easily discoverable.

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