Here at FestPop we are currently looking for passionate, hard working, fun loving individuals to join us in the music festival scene! 

If you enjoy music, travel, camping, and dancing in the rain you may apply. If you do not have a pleasant attitude, individual spirit, or passion for life, please do not apply. We are a startup trying to build our community, providing a place for budding artists and future job hunters to gain some experience. Interns seeking school credit in a fun, fulfilling, and exciting job can benefit greatly from working with us.  We are looking for those willing to help FestPop grow and reap the benefits once that growth hits a spurt. We are honest and fair and will see to it that you enjoy working with us and that you get the experience you are looking for.

We Just Have Three Rules:

  • There are no @$$holes at FestPop.
  • Treat everyone with respect – clients and peers.
  • Love what you do and do it well.

Below is a list of FestPop areas/job descriptions we are currently filling positions for:

  • Front-End Developers
  • Full-Stack Developers
  • WordPress Experts
  • Staff Writers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Social Media Gurus
  • Researchers
  • Or all of the above fused into one awesome beautiful soul

Email the Founder, Scotty Moore at