Croatia Announces Labyrinth Open to Debut July 2017

Labyrinth Open
March 4, 2017

Labyrinth Open will launch its inaugural event on the sun-drenched shores of the Adriatic Sea in Omiš, Croatia July 8-11, 2017. Offering four-days of music as well as a conference set-up that will feature seminars, speakers and workshops, Labyrinth Open promises to transform the Croatian beachfront into a boutique yet affordable creative hub. This festival was founded by esteemed promoters Labyrinth Productions who are behind Extrema festival and Belgian venue Labyrinth Club amongst others.

The Venue

The venue location within the white sandy beachfront of Omiš will be a true hotspot for music enthusiasts, sun-seekers and partygoers alike. Situated amongst a fully-functional camp site that also offers luxury housing, multiple swimming pools and direct access to the seaside, Labyrinth Open is only under 1 hour from Split International Airport making it incredibly accessible for travelers. Speaking of the venture, Ugur Akkus, founder and care-taker of the project explains, “It was always the plan, but I waited for the right time and more importantly the perfect location.”

The first phase lineup was announced for Labyrinth Open Croatia, 2017.

Labyrinth 2017


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Omiš, Croatia

July 8-11, 2017

Rashae- FestPop Staff Writer

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