Day for Night Descends Upon Houston for the Ultimate Multi-Sensory Experience

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HOUSTON, TX The countdown is on! Just a few days left until the most unique festival on the globe. If you are a seasoned festival veteran, you probably think you have been to a festival like Day for Night, but there’s also about a 99% chance that you are wrong. The Free Press Houston team dissects every possible aspect of this festival to its core, to bring you the most sensational experience possible. From the high production value of each stage to the most finite details of the venue (making sure even the carpet looks trippy), DFN immerses you in a sensory overload that is unparalleled by any event the world has seen before.

It should come as no surprise that this festival has already gained world-wide acclamation only after one year. It is a haven for those that have become increasingly overwhelmed by the dominant corporate presence at many major festivals. Day for Night offers a refreshing change of pace, while still boasting one of the best lineups of 2016. DFN traded in logos and banners for installations and interactive experiences. These subtleties help that much more to create the notion that artistic value and human experience truly are the primary focuses of this event.

The unique venue that Free Press has chosen plays a large role in the event’s success. This year, what was once an abandoned post office will set the stage for both upcoming and established digital artists. DFN 2015 took over a series of art studios and large warehouse spaces that provided a shelter from the chilly December temps, but also had the large scale outdoor stage for the headliners. The post office will have the same theme with indoor and outdoor space, so comfort from the winter chill won’t be far.

If there was any Day for Night pro-tip for first timers, it would be to make sure you get to the festival early enough each day to see all of the art installations. Arriving at the festival late in the day when all of your favorite music artists are starting to stack on top of each other won’t allow for adequate time to see what makes this event so special. The Bjork Digital Experience being on the top of that list. Check out a preview video of what the legend has in store for this weekend:

There are still tickets left here! Whether you still owe someone a Christmas present or just want to treat yo self this holiday season, there are endless reasons why you need to be at Day for Night 2016. We went ahead and laid out some of those reasons below in our Festpop list of artists you definitely don’t want to miss. See you there!

Festpop’s Top Ten Must-Sees at DFN 2016:

1. Aphex Twin

After being on almost a decade long hiatus, Aphex Twin has resurfaced with a new EP: Cheetah. Cheetah vastly differs from the melodic soundscapes that many know Aphex Twin for, such as “aisatsana” and “Avril 14.”

2. Blood Orange

For those who may not know Dev Hynes as Blood Orange, you certainly have heard his work on Grammy winning albums, number one hits, and strangely enough, even on Britney Spears’ 8th studio album. This musical mastermind not only sings, but also plays the cello, guitar, drums, piano, violin and bass. Although his music is soothing and calming, he delivers a deeper message that speaks out against racial and gender inequality.

3. Little Dragon

Swedish soul synth-pop group and 2015 Grammy nominee, Little Dragon, continues to astound fans with their dreamy soundscapes, while also gaining popularity from collaborations with international giants, such as The Gorillaz, Big Boi, and SBTRKT.

4. Run the Jewels

Unstoppable duo, Killer Mike and El-P, have taken the US by storm and have developed a following with indie and hip hop fans alike. Their hard-hitting beats and energetic vocals hype crowds and even gained the praise of former presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.

5. DJ Windows 98

Arcade Fire’s, Win Butler, takes on a new persona as DJ Windows 98. The usually indie-rock artist has taken an electronic turn with this side project. Many of the songs are mashups and remixes, one of the most recent being a mashup of Kanye West and Beck.

6. S U R V I V E

S U R V I V E has been in the spotlight recently after producing the eerie soundtrack for the hit Netflix sci-fi series: Stranger Things. The rest of their tracks are equally as mesmerizing as the intro that sucked us into Wynona Ryder’s worst nightmare.

7. Banks

When you think of musicians that truly pour their heart and soul into their music to put their deepest thoughts and emotions on display for the world, Banks is the kind of artist that comes to mind. Her minimalistic style is powerful yet subtle. She values human connection and her fans to the extent that for the first few years of her career, she put her personal cell phone number on her Facebook page for her fans to reach out to her directly.

8. Chelsea Wolfe

Music was in Chelsea’s blood from the get-go. Even though she is the daughter of a country musician, Chelsea embodied her own style by blending countless influences from the likes of Aaliyah, Nick Cave, Suicide, and even Ayn Rand. Her style can’t be narrowed down to one genre but it draws likeness to doom metal, gothic rock, dark ambient and folk music.

9. The Jesus and Mary Chain

Scottish alt-rock band, The Jesus and Mary Chain, has been on the scene since 1983. They conjure a sense of darkness and angst lyrically, but mask it with melodic composition. As one of the most influential groups in the post-Sex Pistols era, their music holds a prevalent place in the hearts of noise rock and post-punk enthusiasts.

10. Mykki Blanco

Mykki’s been an artist since his teenage years when he founded a performance collective called Paint in Consciousness Experimental Theater. As one of the few successful openly transgender hip-hop artists, he is breaking through cultural barriers and normalizing the path for future transgender artists.


Festpop Staff Writers: Lindsay Shearon and Emily Ng

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