Get Ready to Watch the Moonrise

Moonrise Festival is returning for its fourth year with an insane lineup for festival-goers. As the EDM world continues to grow, the anticipated lineup announcements earn a spot on our calendars in hoping to see our favorite artists live. With the return of Dillstradamus, a combination of Dillon Francis & Flosstradamus, this year will be the most galactic one yet.

Throughout the summer, the festival kept music lovers on the edge of their seat with social media posts about surprise artists and the last few headliners. Just this week, Moonrise announced the last headliner Pretty Lights Live and three additional acts, Must Die, DJ Who and Savage Patch. Without a doubt this year’s lineup will be the best one yet.

Moonrise Festival Lineup 2017

Last year was my first year attending the space-themed festival and it was one of the best weekends of my life. If you’re looking for one last weekend before heading back to college, go to Moonrise. The atmosphere that is created makes attendees feel like they’re in another world with the various stages setup throughout Pimlico Race Course, the space structures and especially the people you will meet. Moonrise does a great job with maintaining a positive vibe throughout the entire festival grounds so you’re guaranteed to have a stellar experience.

Infrastructure Advancements

Since the festival is still relatively new, there are still a few infrastructure adjustments that have gone through a trial and error. Fortunately, Moonrise took feedback from 2016 attendees and refurbished various elements that affect the overall experience at the music festival. This year there will be top professional security, more efficient water stations, larger shade structures and adjustments to the Solar Tent to prevent high temperatures inside the tent. Moonrise is taking their feedback from last year very seriously, which will make the overall experience even better than it already is.

Check out this post from Moonrise Festival to read all about the entire updated infrastructure.

Tips for Moonrise Weekend

As 2016 was my first year traveling to Maryland for Moonrise, there were a few rookie mistakes my friends and I made throughout the weekend. Here are some tips to make your Moonrise experience out of this world:

Make a Totem

  • Pimlico Race Course is huge. With people leaving the group to get food or find a bathroom, it is bound to lose someone at some point. Totems are really helpful to find your group of friends. Find a flag that will stand out in the crowd and attach it to a pole. This will make it easy to find friends. If you’re going with a group of college friends, use a college flag. Electric Origins has all the supplies to make a totem so check their site out!

Rest your body

  • Festival days can be long, especially when it is a few days. Although Moonrise is only a two-day festival there are points where your body needs to rest. With the updated infrastructure this year, take the time to chill with your friends. Go under the shade structures, hydrate and eat food. It’s a great time to talk, but still vibe to the music surrounding you.

Take in the whole stage

  • Many festival-goers love to aim straight for the front of the crowd at the stages. I find that the crowd can only be fun for so long. Dancing around in the back and not worrying about anything but the music and the lights is a different experience. You will meet some cool people in the back, plus it’s a great way to see the whole stage and take in the entire set. 


  • Someone in your group should bring a Camelbak or Vibedration. I just bought a hydration pack from Vibedration and it’s awesome for holding a lot of water as well as any other items you might have. It is definitely worth the money.

Plan Outfits

  • Have fun with your outfits. I know one of my favorite aspects of attending a festival is finding a cool but comfy outfit for each day. My favorite website to shop at is Pretty Little Things. They also have sales every now and then and who doesn’t like saving money!


  • Everyone has to go to the bathroom at some point and the lines are so long to wait on. Find the furthest bathroom and go. The short hike will be worth it because there will be no wait.


  • We all know food at festivals can be a little pricey. My friends and I tried majority of the food tents and we found one we loved throughout the weekend. The food tent, Humpty Dumplings, is amazing. It’s a company based out of Philadelphia that makes buffalo chicken dumplings to cheesesteak dumplings and it is not too expensive.

Go with the right group of friends

  • Find your Moonrise crew. I went with the perfect group of friends my first year and we are all going back again this year. Once you experience it the first time with a specific group of people, you’ll never not want to go back without them.

Traveling to the festival grounds

  • DO NOT get an uber or lyft outside the Pimlico Race Course. Try to walk on the outskirts of the festival ground so it is easy to get picked up. The surge charges will increase due to the event so be prepared for a higher price.

Visit each stage

  • Take it all in. Don’t be on a set schedule. Moonrise always finds low key artists that end up blowing your mind away so give the small artists a chance. This was how I found a new love for Ookay and Party Thieves who will both be playing this year again!

Moonrise festival has exceeded our expectations for this year. From the lineup to the updated infrastructure the overall experience will be out of this world. As artists are still being announced, you’ll never know who may surprise the Moonrise crowd so keep an eye on their social media. I know I am excited to get back together with my Moonrise crew for yet another unforgettable weekend.

Moonrise Stellar Stage

Get ready to watch the Moonrise because it is in less than a month!


FestPop Staff Writer, Katy Loesch


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