Mexico’s Sainte Vie To Release ‘Estación Inmortal’ EP

Mexican imprint Akumandra and it’s head curator, Sainte Vie, are back with an evocative, genre-melding release. Coming up on the label will be Sainte Vie’s ‘Estación Inmortal EP, a collection of other-worldly, nostalgic compositions that he has come to be known for.


“This 3 track EP fills the present with memories of past experiences and emotions, that to me are inmortal. By pushing certain musical elements like reverb, resonance and pitch beyond their conventional use; I try to reconstruct those experiences and emotions, so that they may be relived again and again.” – Sainte Vie 

The EP weaves together ritualistic and tribal elements with those of house music, alongside an array of samples which conjure something up wonderfully dynamic – natural and progressive at the same time. Incorporating elements from a number of different worlds, Sainte Vie’s music is ‘a prime summary of what it means to hear in a post-genre universe’.

Emotion is on par with music itself for Sainte Vie, it is the outlet that he uses to communicate with himself and others. He takes the term music producer to all new heights, describing himself as ‘at once an architect of sound and a most zealous worshipper of the musical arts’. His intensely passionate relationship with music is prevalent and pulsating through his work, a relationship that we couldn’t be more thankful for.


Sainte Vie has nearly finished a mini tour which covered major cities in Europe and Asia, like Athens, Berlin and Dubai, as well as recently performing at Burning Man. Originally from Mexico and now based in New York City, he is on a mission of spreading the Sainte Vie sound to far-reaching, international ears.

Estación Inmortal’ will be released on January 29, both on vinyl and digitally, on Akumandra – you can pre-order the EP here.

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