Phase 1 Lineup Announced for Minimal Effort

Just a few days ago, Minimal Effort released its phase one lineup for the event in October 28th. This year, Minimal Effort advanced their famous Halloween experience with All Hallow’s Eve, which offers a dark spirit in their new venue, ENOX Event Center. The new industrial venue will host the event featuring some of the world’s most well-known artists from the global underground community.

Above all, Minimal Effort is continuing to offer the best programming for All Hallow’s Eve. In particular, the phase one lineup includes MK and king of the underground Damian Lazarus. Not to mention UK house duo Dusky and producer Brodinski will be performing as well. Other artists such as Amine Edge & DANCE and LA Legend DESTRUCTO add to the insane lineup so far. Granted that this is only phase one, more artists will be announced in the next few months.

Minimal Effort
ENOX Event Center is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The warehouse will present advanced production and a sprawling layout to offer the most comfortable experience for guests. In addition, there is a massive indoor dance-floor as well as an outdoor stage area. Guests will be surrounded by the inner-city culture with graffiti and the night sky up above.

Fans who have been with Minimal Effort throughout the past years will see how the event continuing to grow. With its values and creative ethos, this year will be one of the best Halloween experiences ever. Meanwhile, there are many people who are just becoming familiar with the brand. With that being said, newcomers can expect All Hallow’s Eve to be an immersive spectacle built on dance music’s underground roots.

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FestPop Staff Writer, Katy Loesch


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